SunClub Mineral Sunscreen on the Golf Course

5 Tips for Applying Sunscreen on the Golf Course

It’s Saturday, you just cracked your first beer of the day and are about to tee off on 1. It’s going to be a good day. Don’t ruin your day off on the course with a painful sunburn. Make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and remember, a shot glass-full of sunscreen is recommended for proper coverage of exposed skin.

One great brand to consider is SunClub. SunClub is a mineral sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Unlike chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays, mineral sunscreens like SunClub physically block them, making them a great option for sensitive skin. It is also reef-safe and eco-friendly, so you can feel good about protecting yourself and the environment.
Follow our simple guide to staying burn-free on the links:
  1. Reapply every 4 holes
    1. For full protection, you should really be reapplying about every 40-80 minutes or so. Fortunately in golf, you’re always counting- what hole you're on, how many strokes you took, how many beers are left etc.
    2. This makes it easy to keep track of sunscreen reapplication, simply reapply every 3-4 holes and you'll be covered (pun intended).
  2. Hit the right spots
    1. While we recommend covering any part of skin that isn't covered by clothes, there are some spots that you should pay particular attention to:
      1. Face
        1. This is the money maker, and it’s a no brainer that you should protect it
      2. Neck
        1. The back of the neck as well as front down to your chest are particularly exposed while golfing and should be paid attention to when applying sunscreen. Nobody likes a farmers tan (or burn).
      3. Arms
        1. Arms are constantly exposed and therefore should be liberally covered in sunscreen.
      4. Knees
        1. Finally, knees. Ever get a bad burn on your knee while in a seated position at the beach? Similarly, while in the seated position in the golf cart, your knees will often be on full blast from the sun and should therefore be focused on when it comes to applying sunscreen.
  3. Get weird with it
    1. Ever play golf without a glove, get sweaty hands and inadvertently launch a club at your buddies while trying to take an innocent practice swing? Yeah me neither… Well, having residual sunscreen on your hand can have a similar lubricating effect so we recommend cleaning up after applying.
      1. Hand sanitizer
        1. Everyone’s got it nowadays, keep some in your golf bag and give your hands a quick squirt after applying sunscreen.
      2. Towel
        1. Bring a separate towel to wipe your hands off on
      3. Gloves
        1. If we wanna get real weird with it, bring some latex gloves to wear while applying your sunscreen and simply toss them out when you’re done applying. DON'T LET YOUR BUDDIES TAUNTING DISCOURAGE YOU
  4. Use the good stuff
    1. Use only broad spectrum mineral sunscreen like SunClub SPF 30 mineral sunscreen, this will protect you from the full force of the sun and you won't have to worry about any nasty chemicals
  5. Keep that thang on you
    1. Keep sunscreen in your bag so you're good to go
  6. Bonus tip: drink plenty of water (yeah yeah I know..)
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